Tech fans beware – the USB killer is on the loose.

October 16, 2015 / By

Tech fans beware – the USB killer is on the loose.


Someone somewhere in the underworld of the tech industry has turned a dependable everyday object into a cold blooded killer that destroys any device that runs a USB interface.


The USB killer, a modified USB stick that delivers a dangerous 220-volt shock has been created by a person known only by the nickname Dark Purple. The creator wrote on a Russian blog last week that the device has one function “the destruction of computers”.


The USB stick looks like a normal USB stick. Once plugged into a device such as a laptop, smartphone, TV or a computer it draws its power from the device that charges capacitors in the USB stick to 220V. The energy is then sent back into the device and is repeated until the computer is destroyed.


Offices and businesses should be wary of employees who plug in USB sticks into office machines after finding them in the streets. Check the video below to see a USB killer in action. Poor laptop.