Taking care of anything & everything you need from technology.


Are you getting the full potential from IT?

Proactive and reactive support and maintenance delivered both Remotely and On-Site. Getting to the root cause of all your IT problems, we strive to improve all aspects of your business.
Cyber security spans more than just technical software and hardware; the training and support of people – to build upon awareness and understanding – and to protect your business against an ever-growing sophisticated threat.
In years gone by automation required large teams of experts and advanced systems just to maintain. Nowadays, Cloud based platforms and integrated apps allow that functionality to reach business of all sizes.
Modern day IT work involves much more than just web development and software updates and is critical to your business growth. Whether you have little experience in IT or have worked with computers for years, our IT Training is sure to improve your day to day.

Connect your team with colleagues and external stakeholders alike, with the flexibility and capability that comes with having a hyperfast internet connection and a VoIP (Voice-over-IP) phone system.

Empower your team and grow the competitiveness of your business with the capability and stability of working anywhere, at anytime, that comes to you with the backing and power of cloud-based services.

Improve your business' performance and growth.


Solve your daily IT challenges and improve workflow.

  • Staying one step ahead

    We are always here for when things go wrong, proactively working behind the scenes to maintain performance, while mitigating risks and downtime.

  • Achieve return on investment

    Tackle more for less because with our flat-rate IT plan, we allow you to manage your budget responsibly, without the hassle of unexpected costs.

  • Reliable 24x7 assistance

    No matter the size, age or complexity of your business, we take all of your requests seriously, delivering effective solutions in a swift manner.

  • Digitized workflows

    By better leveraging the technology tools at your disposal, we can help you to maximize your operational workflow efficiency.


Protect your business from data breaches and cyber-attacks.

  • Proactive Security

    By providing you with all the necessary tools to defend against a range of online threats, we're able to effectively ensure the safety of all your private data.

  • Password & 2FA Management

    With effective security measures in place, we can guarantee maximum protection to your data, no matter where you're logging in.

  • Security Training

    With years of experience and our unique IT Training plans, we can effectively educate staff to understand and identify threats before they can cause damage.

  • File Backup & Restoration

    Have peace of mind with the knowledge that you can restore your systems to any backup instantly, limiting the chances of downtime.

Discover how we tailor services to suit the needs of your industry.


Work efficiently and securely by using our professional IT training courses.

  • Modern Communication

    An effective workflow management system allows for the connection of multiple people and software, providing employees communication tools to easily connect.

  • Increased Productivity

    By automating your mundane and time consuming tasks, teams are able to spend their time more efficiently in areas where it really matters.

  • Improved Trust and Transparency

    By greatly reducing micromanagement, the duties of each of your job roles can be easily defined with crystal clear goals.

  • Enhanced Work Culture

    With many companies working remotely, there’s already enough emails and messages going around. A workflow tool helps keep work organized and trackable.


Get back to your core business goals by removing the ongoing problems and headaches.

  • Quicker Adoption of New Technologies

    Help staff gain confidence in their use of IT - making transitions to new IT systems easier for both staff and customers.

  • Greater Efficiency

    By acquiring new skills, staff can offer improved contribution to your business, as well as boosting self-esteem and personal development.

  • Allows for Team Building

    Training requires employees from different departments to learn and work together, allowing for a glimpse into how neighbouring may departments work.

  • Saves Time & Money

    Spend less time on trouble shooting and more time on productive and revenue driven tasks.

Discover our fixed cost automation packs.


Fast, reliable and competitive communications that will keep your team connected with the outside world.

  • VoIP (Voice-over-IP) Phone Systems

    Feature-rich cloud based phone systems that allow you to literally carry your phone number with you - wherever you're working. Inclusive of all your important phone system capabilities including, voicemail, ring-groups, call recording - with competitively priced bundles.

  • Fibre Broadband & Leased Lines

    Hyperfast connectivity to the internet is an absolute essential for any modern business. We provide and support a range of fibre internet service options - depending on the needs of your business.

  • Voice/Video Conferencing

    To keep teams effectively engaged wherever they may be working, conferencing services have become a core part of most modern offices. We provide both software-based solutions, such as Microsoft Teams, in addition to supplying hardware such as cameras, microphones and speakerphones for your meeting spaces.


Be agile, flexible and have the competitive advantage by leveraging cloud technology.

  • Microsoft 365

    The single go-to solution for productivity, collaboration and communication requirements within any business or charity. From migrating your data, to deploying software, training, workflow and personalisation - let the Everon team help you to make the most from your migration to the Microsoft cloud.

  • Cloud Server Hosting

    Do away with the cost, maintenance and risk that comes with still hosting your own servers in your premises. Give your productivity a boost, while tightening up your business continuity planning, by migrating your data, storage and services to a cloud-based server solution.

  • Backup, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

    For complete peace of mind that your data is protected, quickly recoverable and accessible in the event of a disaster of any kind; consider a cloud backup and disaster recovery solution.