State-of-the-art thermostat glitch just as the cold weather sets in

State-of-the-art Nest thermostat glitch just as the cold weather sets in, leaving thousands of Google users in the cold this winter.


Thousands of customers who have adopted Google-Owned Nest thermostat were left in the cold this week as a software update caused chaos in homes around the world.


A software glitch caused by a recent update meant the £200 smart device was turning itself off and draining the batteries both of which meant it failed to heat homes or provide hot water.

Many angry customers turned to Twitter to tweet their annoyance of waking up to freezing temperatures and the possibility of frozen pipes due to the software glitch. Some early adopters have even reverted back to their old fashioned thermostats. Nest have since identified the bug and rolled out an update which has reportedly fixed 99.5% of affected home owners.


What is a Nest thermostat?


The Nest thermostat is a £200 device that connects to the internet and allows home owners to control their heating from anywhere via an app on their mobile phone. It is also a learning device and over time learns the home-owners routine allowing it to automatically adjust the buildings heating to save money on your utility bills.


Do you have a smart thermostat? Have you experienced any problems with it to date?