Winter is coming! – Could Remote working help company productivity?

Improve Your Remote Working and Increase Your Company’s Productivity


With winter now upon us and the first of the seasons snow already making an appearance, have you considered the role of remote access to help your business running?

Transport during the winter months is more unreliable than summer months, there also tends to be more illness around. Both of these can disrupt your staff coming into the workplace, which can put a strain on your business.

Having worked with clients who both do and don’t employ remote working, I’m aware of the pros and cons of each approach. One thing is for sure though, with the technology available today there is no longer an argument for it being the reason that a company doesn’t employ remote workers.
Once the technology box is ticked the decision whether or not to allow remote working becomes solely down to the management style employed by an organisation and the trust it has in its employees. At one end of the scale there are those who believe that if workers can’t be seen they won’t produce the same level and quality of output as if they were in the office. At the other there are those who can see the wider benefits of remote working, for both the employee and the company, and who actively embrace it.

While I can see that, for most businesses, having someone working remotely all day, every day isn’t ideal as there’s tremendous value in face to face contact with the rest of your team, I do think that allowing some degree of remote working in an organisation gives both managers and their employees vital flexibility.
Even if you don’t allow your staff to work remotely during normal office hours it is a wise move to still set them up remotely. One of my clients has done this and seen staff productivity increase significantly as their employees are more willing to put in extra hours to meet an urgent deadline if they can do so from the comfort of their own home.

Of course, remote working isn’t suitable for every business but for those where it is feasible, just not yet offered, it might be worth reviewing the following industry statistics:
• 87% of managers reported increased productivity of between 5-25%, as a result of remote working
• In a remote working scheme by BT, remote working reduced absenteeism to 3.1%, where the UK average is 8.5%
• 65% of employers said flexible working practices had a positive effect on recruitment and retention
• The average remote worker spends 11% more hours working than an office-based worker

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