Microsoft Azure Pricing Plans.

Switching to Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Assessment

Up to £950

Our Cloud Assessment pack gets a clear picture of what your current infrastructure is doing and what it would cost to run in Azure, as well as presenting other options such as refactoring as a comparison against lift and shift.

If you are considering, or there is clear benefit in migrating your server, storage and infrastructure into Azure from legacy on-premise IT, or alternative cloud platforms.

This will provide a clear understanding of how to move your apps, data and infrastructure to Azure using a proven cloud migration approach.

Line of Business Pilot

From £2,850

Our Line of Business Pilot is a scoped pilot to confirm and demonstrate that your LOB application can be migrated to Azure.

Migrating your LOB application to an environment that allows you to test its performance, confirm its costs and usage, which can become the first step to full migration.

We’ll set up your Azure environment and replicate your LOB application into Azure to demonstrate that it can work just as effectively as it does in its current home, if not better.

Infrastructure as a Service

Up to £1,900 to £9,500

Allows modernisation of infrastructure, reducing risk and CAPEX spend, whilst allowing existing software to continue to run without costly redeployment / upgrade.

Use Microsoft Azure to access and run on hardware that wouldn’t be cost effective to mirror on premise. Use the massively global scale and reach to deploy and utilise the services you need on a PAYG model or fixed price.

Setup & provision of Azure subscription, setup of ASR & Azure networking to duplicate environment OR provision of new infrastructure, management of replication, setup of environment backend (with default 30-day backup), cut over of environment (application migration requires 3rd party support services).

Windows Virtual Desktop

From £2,850

The Windows Virtual Desktop package allows you to use Azure to deliver a Windows 10 desktop experience to your users wherever they are.

Provides access for users to all their apps and data in a single, centralised desktop allowing them to access their data securely and efficiently. Using the power of Azure to run at scale and full availability. From a few remote users to the entire business, WVD can be an integral part of allowing your business to continue to access that LOB application from any location, whilst maintaining the highest possible security and access. All within a familiar W10 environment.

Environment setup and provisioning.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Price £450 / £650 / £950

From simple to complex backup solutions, use Microsoft Azure to be the backbone of your DR strategy.

From simple PAYG storage for backing up a copy of those important file shares or LOB application. To whole server imaging with standby server recovery in the cloud for the ultimate BCDR solution.

2 servers including 500GB (£120 per month)

5 servers including 1TB (£200 per month)

10 servers including 500gb (£320 per month)

(Does not include DR tests)

Plan 2 adoption and security premium: £17.50 per user, per

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