Is your flood defence in place, are your backups sufficient?

Are your backups sufficient?


When was the last time that you checked your backups were running successfully? When was the last time you performed a test recovery?

I know it’s the same old backup this, backup that, but due to the recent flooding issues across Leeds which caused havoc and damaged hundreds of businesses I thought that I would create another blog on successful backup.

All companies should have a valid backup plan in place. Though it’s sometimes the case that we don’t value the data we have until we no longer have it. A successful backup plan should ensure that there is always an offsite copy of your data available in at least one location. The amount of times I have seen companies backup their data and leave it in the server room is more than you would imagine! The chances are if your server is damaged or stolen and the backup is with it, it will also be damaged or stolen.

The Majority of companies we work with have at least 2 copies of data, this can be a mix of in house and external. This is ideal and ensures that they are covered in the event of data loss. However there are a lot of companies who believe that just setting up the backup and changing the media when required is enough. In reality your backup plan should include simulated data recoveries. It isn’t enough to just look to see if the backup has been successful, from time to time you need to know that the data can actually be recovered and used. If it can’t then the whole process is pointless.

We suggest that you should look to run a trial recovery of sample date every 3-6 months. This ensures that if there are any issues they can be rectified before the data recovery is really needed. Sometimes you may miss elements when configuring the backup or you may have forgotten to stop a database running before it’s backed up. Both are easily rectified if you test the system before it’s needed. Another good habit is to check the full backup log at least once a week and not just look for the line stating “successful”.  Backups that state successful can still have warnings that may be critical to data loss, so check the full backup log carefully.

If you are unsure if you’re backup is adequate or would like to speak with one of our team about your backup please call 01132251793 for a friendly, no commitment chat. We specialise in cloud backup and are more than happy to discuss backup options with you.