Four tools to spring clean your computer

Four tools to spring clean your computer


Spring has arrived and now is the time to spring clean. Your computer can also benefit from a good spring clean. Here are some of our favourite tools that can refresh your computer and give it that spring fresh feeling.

CCleaner is a fantastic program. It has a range of tools for all levels of users. Using the cleaner or the registry cleaner takes just a few clicks but can make a big difference to the slowest computers. If you are feeling a bit brave you can also stop some of the computers start-up items. CCleaner is very quick to use and considering what it can do for you is definitely worth it.

  1. Run the cleaner
  2. Run the registry three times
  3. Under Tools remove any programs you don’t use from Uninstall
  4. Again under Tools disable (if you’re not sure) from
  5. Reboot and repeat steps 1 and 2

Malwarebytes the easy way to remove nasty viruses from your computer…

  1. Installation takes 30 sec.
  2. One click to do a scan, no fancy settings or mess around
  3. Reasonable scan time, average finish time 5 minutes
  4. One click to remove bad malware
  5. Intuitive design, you can leave user “unattended” just point him to Malwarebytes
  6. Great detection of viruses
  7. Reasonable priced for the business version

Old School Windows tools
You can clean up your computer using tools already built into Windows

  1. Removing programs, you no longer user under Control Panel > All Programs
  2. Disable programs from starting Run > Msconfig > Start up (Be careful)
  3. Right click on your C drive > Properties > Disk Clean-up > tick the boxes and run it
  4. Install Microsoft Security Essentials if you don’t have Antivirus software

Toolbar madness
I’ve recently noticed an influx of toolbars that install themselves into Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. I’m pretty sure these toolbars redirect you to websites that contain viruses and other bad stuff. Use Toolbar Cleaner and AdwCleaner to remove these toolbars. You just don’t need these toolbars as all modern web browsers provide all features you need.

  1. Browser Cleaner
  2. AdwCleaner

Upgrade to Windows 10
Windows 10 has been around for almost a year now, most of the issues have been ironed out and Windows 10 is now reliable and business ready. The upgrade process is pretty painless just make sure you have checked all your programs are compatible (most are now) before you commit to the upgrade. If it does all go wrong don’t worry you can uninstall the upgrade for up to 30 days after it has been installed.

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