Forget about Windows 9 here comes Windows 10

Seriously, it seems Windows 9 wasn’t even a twinkle in Microsoft’s eye. The hardware giants decision to jump straight to Windows 10 is being seen in the industry as a fresh start for the operating system.


Windows 10 will run on all Windows and Microsoft devices, from phones to Xbox One consoles. The operating system will be launched this time next year.


Windows 10 reunites its users with the much loved Start Menu, something that was left out to much disapproval in Windows 8. Features from Windows 8 Metro system have also been improved. The resizeable tiles and user notifications remain in a move to make the software familiar to both Windows 7 and Windows 8 users.


A new feature sees the OS react differently depending on the type of device it is being used on. This means users will no longer have to switch between the Desktop environment and the tiled (Metro) environment designed for touch screens, as this will be done automatically when the system detects the addition of devices like keyboards and mice.


Take up of Windows 8 was, and still is very low. Microsoft hopes that its latest offering Microsoft 10 will ‘reboot’ its famous operating system once again.


See what Peter Griffin has to say on the announcement below: