BT to Scrap Landlines to Compete with Internet Rivals

BT to scrap landlines to compete with internet rivals – What it means for you.


BT is currently trying to get communications watchdog Ofcom to let it SCRAP the traditional home phone network.

The company wants to do away with landlines in the UK so it can compete with American tech companies like Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype – all of which offer internet-based phone calls.

Although BT plans to move all its customers over to an internet-based system it still has to obey Ofcom rules and supply a traditional landline.

The telecoms company says removing a landline would have no impact on the majority of customers and removing it would free up more funds to invest in broadband speeds.

What does it mean for you?

In terms of the technical set-up, it won’t change very much. You’ll still need the “landline” for your internet connection. Your voice calls will simply start running over the internet instead of using the old telephone signal.

“Death of the landline is a bit of a myth”, Richard Knowles from BT told Mirror Tech.

“What we call the landline is, in fact, your internet connection. It’s not being changed or taken away from anyone,” he said.

“We can run it down the same infrastructure – but in a different way. It means that you shouldn’t notice any difference in the quality.”

Potentially, the infrastructure saving on BT’s end could be passed on to customers but it seems unlikely.

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