Losing files or finding they’ve become corrupt can be devastating for any business in both the short and long term. Online backup is crucial.


Data is one of a business’s most critical assets. 78% of businesses that suffer massive data loss go out of business within 12 months.

For this reason, we educate all of our clients about the value of their data to their business. We always recommend that our clients backup up to at least 2 platforms. This normally consists of an in-house backup and offsite backup. Using our most popular solution Attix5, we can ensure data is automatically backed up to both locations.

The offsite data is stored in our ISO9001:2000 data centre. This IBM provided data centre is manned 24×7 and uses the latest in IBM server equipment. This whole data centre is also then cloned to a secondary site to ensure maximum redundancy.

In the event of data loss or corruption, data can then be retrieved from the storage platform to the original location or new hardware. By default, the last 60 days backups are available for restore, though this can be customised for longer or shorter periods if required.

We offer a free 15 Day 30GB trial of our Attix5 backup solution, call our team on 0113 426 7560 to talk about onsite and online backup or click the button below to arrange.

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