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The GDPR law change in May is dull – but will have a big effect on your business

In May next year, a major data law will come in… and your business needs to get ready now.

It’s called GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation – to replace the data protection act and the fines for breaking it are huge… up to €20m. Scary. 

The main aim of GDPR is to give individuals a greater level of control over their personal data. Which means that all companies who hold any customer information will be subject to strict rules.

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Think of your business as a 17th century boat in the ocean. It's loaded with valuable treasure (data). And it's currently under attack from two sides.

To your left is a pirate ship. This is where the hackers are. They're trying every trick in the book to steal your treasure. Or lock it away and force you to pay to get it back.

To your right is a military ship. This is the government. It's so keen that you protect your treasure from the pirates, that it's insisting you arm your boat in a very specific way. And it's prepared to blow you out of the water if you don't comply.

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