computer2Fiducia had previously worked with Everon and had the confidence to commission us to set up the IT infrastructure for this new venture.

What Did Everon Implement?

  • software Packages
  • Server Requirements
  • Phone Systems
  • Back Up
  • IT Infrastructure in their chosen office location

We also made an initial site visit to review the existing infrastructure.  We then installed new cabling to accommodate all requirements for the new business. We provided PCs with dual screen monitors, the server, a wireless phone system, and internet connection using a (individual) leased line, which offers bandwidth guarantees to meet software guidelines. The leased line will also allow future expansion of the business by allowing satellite offices to be setup. Telephone and video conferencing facilities have also been set up.

Whats Benefits Did Fiducia Get From Working With Everon

Everon’s work with Fiducia will ensure that future growth plans for the business will be successful and its IT infrastructure can grow with it.

Visit their website at: www.fiduciamga.co.uk

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