Q? I’m a small business can you build me a website?

A. We sure can. We specialise in websites for SMEs. Call us on 0113 225 1793 for a friendly chat

Q? My laptop won’t turn on and I don’t have a backup of my pictures. Are they lost?

A. Generally not, While your Laptop might have a problem preventing it from turning on, your data is stored on a hard drive inside your laptop. So as long as this is still working, we can remove the hard drive and retrieve your data. In the event that the hard drive has a fault, we are able to use our specialist recovery software to attempt to recover your data.

Q? I’m currently being bombarded with spam email, is there a way to prevent this?

A. Yes, depending on the type of email system you have there are a few options. From adding block lists to your email server, enabling a spam filter or using an external mail filter to test the email before you receive it. Speak with one of our team, who will provide the best solution for your email system.

Q? I’ve lost the password for my Wi-Fi. Can you reset it?

A. Firstly, sometimes the broadband provider will print the password on the back of the router. So we recommend checking this first. If not then one of our networking team will be able to reset the password using only a laptop and network cable. What’s more we may even be able to do this remotely depending on your Wi-Fi network!

Q? My Business network is no longer doing its Job. I’m not tech savvy so I don’t know what I need to upgrade to resolve the problem?

A. Don’t panic, not only our are team extremely skilled but they are also great communicators. So no matter what your level of IT knowledge, our team can talk you through each component and answer any IT related queries you may have. This will leave you with the ability to make an educated decision going forward.