Facebook, Robots, Ad-Free Social Media and Windows 10

January 14, 2015 / By

Facebook, Robots, Ad-Free Social Media and Windows 10


Grab a coffee and take a look at this week’s world of digital and technology. Facebook plan to take over the world again whilst new competition emerges and Microsoft announce their new OS.

At the beginning of the week Facebook announced it plans to go beyond its four walls when it comes to offering advertising to its customers. In a format similar to Google’s 3rd party re-targeting Facebook will begin using users Facebook ID as a cookie on other websites to display personalised ads. Have they gone too far?

You can read more about Facebook Altas over on our sister site Everon SEO which is dedicated to Web, SEO and Social Media news.

On Tuesday we published a post about unwanted traffic to your website courtesy of Semalt and how to omit it from your Google Analytics report. We had some great feedback from this article, we hope it helps you too. Filter out Semalt traffic with our nifty little in-depth guide here.

You may have heard about Ello and its righteous claim to be a social media network without advertisement and no 3rd party disclosure. Since the inter-web caught wind of the new network the platform have been receiving over 31,000 requests an hour to join.

What do you think of Ello? Have you joined yet? Tell us what you think over on our special blog about the new network.

Finally Microsoft announced its new OS this week. Windows 9 right? Wrong. Say hello to Windows 10. Is this a fresh start for Microsoft after the universal disapproval of Windows 8. Check out our blog post on Windows 10 right here on our blog.

That’s your lot for this week, head back next Friday for your next dose of digi-tech goodness. Until next week…